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You miss the OP? If you did I'm guessing you also missed posts #19 and #20. If you did I suggest you go back and read them.

There's one locked down rule here ABI Forum Rules
  • Discussion of illegally trading copyrighted material is strictly prohibited and may result in a ban.
Take the "may" in that as "will".

In other words if it's determined a post involves how to obtain copyrighted material the poster gets banned...period. That may seem harsh but there's no one on staff that's a copyright attorney. If we see a discussion that asks where or how to obtain copyrighted material we ban the posters in order to make it clear that ABi and it's owners won't allow copyrighted material to be transacted thru this site.

You can't see them but there are dozens of posts about copyrighted material on this site. You can't see them because the posters were banned after a single warning and their posts deleted.

Take that as a friendly warning that it's best to look anywhere else other than here for Doom related material. As was said earlier it's all copyrighted as far as we know so discussing any of it here won't end well.
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