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To add a song or folder to an existing playlist, you load the playlist... then navigate in the file browser to the song or folder you want to insert, then hold the center button in for a second or two. Then the context menu will pop-up and you go to playlist/insert and it will insert into the play list. Then save the playlist again.

I have some playlists that I continously add music to.

Holding in the middle button is the key to working rockbox. It took me a while to figure it out. I was like "WTF!" for the first few hours. then I held in the middle button and I was like "I get it." If you look at the rb forums, the people on there always treat people like idiots and tell them to look in the manual... but IMO, the manual isn't very good. Especially if you've never used the software before. That's why people are always having questions.
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