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Default MediaMonkey playlists for sansa e200 series

I'm making playlists using mediamonkey now. Here's how:

1. Create an New AutoPlaylist and name it Sansa e250 with Search Criterias "Path/Filename" containing what drive letter your Sansa is when its plugged in. For me it was 'H:'. Add another Search Critera with a "Path/Filename" containing 'Musica'.

2. With your Sansa connected. Add it's songs to library. File>Add/Rescan Tracks....> Select only the Sansa e250 folder, again for me it was at H:\.

3a. (Copy Playlist) You should now be able to browse all the songs you have on your Sansa and create playlists for it. To save a playlist to your sansa be sure that you have your playlist syncing destinations correctly directing to cpchan's "Playlist" folder and not the OFs "Playlists" folder. After doing so, simply click on Copy>Copy to portable device. You can change the name of the playlist by using the tree menu on left. Find cpchan's "playlist" folder in the Sansa folder tree.

3b. (Auto-sync Playlist) Save the playlist to your computer using List>Save Playlist. To auto sync your playlist make sure your sansa is configured correctly in the device profile. I have mine set up so that only the playlist's will auto sync. This can be done via the Auto-Sync list tab>Playlists tab and checking only the playlists you want synched. Press the "sync to portable device " button. Also, you might have to switch from sync highlighted to auto sync in the drop down menu next to the sync button.

You might want to try Sanse Playlister for Sansa e200 series is a nice and simple playlist making tool. The playlist files you make from it are converted to .m3u files when you try to open them in your rockboxed sansa, with cpchans build I know for sure, not sure about others.

Any songs not already in the sansa's memory should be added automatically after copying or synching. Songs that are already on the sansa should not be copied.

You might have to Add/Rescan tracks from your sansa to library every so often to be sure they're all being "seen". Adding sansa tracks to library may effect other autoplaylists when its connected or not, So you might have to add new criterias so they don't see your sansa's tracks.

A useful way to view all the songs in your sansa without going through each folder is to use a search function. In Windows XP, I use search and have it look only into my Sansa for songs. I think that having all your songs in one folder can cause lag.

If you use mediamonkey's auto organize files feature make sure they leave a file name that is consistent everywhere else in media monkey, Like when your adding tracks. This is to avoid having two or more of the same tracks in the same folder. I have mine to set a filename that contains "<artist> - <track>". Also, be sure there are no extra spaces anywhere, as this will lead to having "copies" of the same track.

Too long of a filename can be hard to view in sansa's playlists.
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