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Default HELP! None of my videos or music shows up!!

So this happened to me twice.. and I use a Mac..

So after using my Cowon fine for days and the battery was down but not totally drained, (I just wanted to put another movie on it actually). I plugged it into my Macbook (which was not plugged in, just using the battery power.)

Dropped the movie on there and then disconnected my Cowon. Then I powered it on everything looked fine, I hit the movies icon and instead of the last movie I was watching showing up there was a black screen. I hit the file button to see the video files and nothing showed up. Then I tried the music area and the last song I was playing didn't show u either. So i tried to browse the music through artist and then it froze. I had to press the reset button on the back. I plugged it back into my Mac and while it's plugged into my mac I can see all the files. just can't see them on the device.

So After all that.. still nothing! Any suggestions? this is very frustrating as it happened twice? how do I fix it? please be very specific and give me some step by step pointers for a MAC person. At this point I love the S9, but if I can't fix this ASAP, I think that's it for me with COWON

The first time it happened I thought I had a defective one so I took it back. Now it happened with this one as well.. What am I doing wrong? I'm on vacation and I need it to work. So what do I do?

Appreciate the help ASAP!
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