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Default Playlists on the pc and via playlist manager

I'm stuggling to get playlists up and running using the above methods. I made up a test playlist with WMP11 and transferred it across to the S9 then went to Browser > Playlist but the only entry there is "undefined [undefined]". I can't do anything with this. The grey 'X' is greyed out so I can't delete it and nothing happens when I tap on it.

1. How do I delete this entry?
2. What's the best way of making up playlists on the pc and transferring them across to the S9?

I also tried making up playlists using the playlist manager in Claw's UI. I set one up adding a few songs, named it, even changed the colour but again, I can't seem to do anthing with it and I can't figure out how to view the songs in that playlist. When I tap on it, the playlist highlights, but that's it. When I tap on the 'activate' button nothing happens either, the S9 just continues playing the song that it's currently playing.

1. How do I see the content of a playlist generated via playlist manager?
2. How do I activate a playlist so that it starts playing?

I know you can't edit a playlist, only clear it and I've got no problems making one and adding songs to it, I just can't work out to see what's in the playlist and how to play it which ain't much good!

Can anyone offer any assistance with the above problems. Many thanks.
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