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Default Very slow boot up, any way to fix this?

I have had my S9 for a few months, and up until a few weeks ago, it booted up speedily, at less than 10. However, I never had much more than 10 gigs on it (16 gig capacity). Now I have about 15 gigs on it, and it boots up very, very slowly, my estimate is about 30 or 40 seconds. Could the amount of space I have taken up effect the boot up speed?

Normally I use a PC with Mediamonkey to sync up and load files, but I am at camp and am away from that computer. I have been using a Mac Powerbook to charge and add files onto my S9.

I noticed the slow boot up after the first time I connected and disconnected my S9 from my Mac. It was accompanied by my OS freezing several times, which I fixed by reconnecting it to my Mac and disconnecting it again. Now, after everytime I plug in to charge my player, my now playing is wiped clean and it has no memory of what I was playing before my connection.

I am hoping that either the small space left or the Mac is causing this problem, that it's not actually a problem with the player.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
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