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Omg, I thought most of you guys were kidding here...

Some apps need the launcher in order to work/be displayed correct. For apps there are three possibilties of how to run and which folder to be copied to:

1. Simple Flash Apps that can be started by the Flash Browser have to be copied to the Flash folder and use run mode: Flash Browser
Example: GNotepad

2. Some Apps must be started with the launcher so they are copied to the Flash UI folder and use run mode: Launcher
Example: Games (from Nova I think) Darts and Speed

3. Claws widgets are meant to be copied to a folder called "Widgets" which has to be created in the Flash UI folder and use run mode: Widget
Example: Claw's Lock-Screen widget

The widget run mode wasn't be supposed to be used for other Apps, but as Pimpachu mentioned, it seems to work for some apps as well. Basically you can say that if you have problems with the display in one run mode, you should try another run mode to make it work (and consider you have to move the app to the specific folder related to the run mode).

There are some flash files that don't work in either run mode even though programmed in flash 7, shit happens...

Just to make the explanation complete: there are more run modes for other UCI's and parts of them (music, video), the corresponding files have to be copied to the Flash UI folder as well.

That's about the same I wrote in the Guide and on the Wiki. I thought it was understandable, but if not, why didn't you just ask? English isn't my first language but I tried my best... Please let me know in detail, if the description should be changed to be easier to understand.
Claw's Wallpaper UI Wiki:

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