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Default Video Support q5

ok so with hte price of the q5 plummeting to 430 bucks for 80g with gps dock, im seriously considering buying this handy piece of hardware.

However my concern comes that it has somewhat limited video codec and container support listed.

Now ive read a bit about the core personal media player or something like that

and the core player.

Im wondering if anyone has tried one or both of these pieces of software as they both list a much wider range of video support then stock q5.

Bigger question being if you have tried both which you prefer.

As the TCPMP project was dropped a while ago, and the core player, is 30 bucks and ide rather not spend an extra 30$ if it doesnt work or the free version works better

Zen Vision:W 30g (HDD experimentation in progress)
Zen Nomad Jukebox 40gig(dead)
Zen Touch 30g ( RIP)
Cowon A3 30g (working just fine)
Cowon O2 32gb /w 8gb SD Card(brand new hooray)
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