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Old 12-09-2006, 05:14 AM
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Hello everyone, this is my first post.

I too have visited the BOSE store and listened to their overpriced headphones.

The demo they use on the Quiet Comfort range which simulates an Aircraft background noise and features the Dave Matthews Band is specialy prepared in order to show off the cans to their full potential.

Both of my Sons use Senn heiser HD280 pro, one is s a drummer, the other a computer engineer. We get these for less than £65 Sterling and we regularly see them on sale in the USA for $99.

1 They are built to last with replaceble parts and they are made in Ireland, not the PRC

2 Plug a set in to the BOSE demo unit and you will hear much better instrument placing, tighter and controlled bass which is less wooly and yet with better extension and much cleaner dynamics.

3 They do not have active noise reduction but block out external noise owing to being well designed and well made.

4 I have worn a pair for 8 hours from the UK to Orlando and to me they are very comfortable

When going into a BOSE store, always take your headphones as a refference and use your own source material.

At home i use Grado SR60.

I am looking to buy a set of CP630 or CX300 for street use
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