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Originally Posted by sumx4182
again, another ignorant comment...rather than congratulating this guy on a great solution to a problem and thank him for helping other people that may have the same problem, you chose to bash his choice in products or his inability by buy something "real"'re treading on thin ice...tread lightly. I've had enough of opening my inbox and seeing reports of your posts.
And let me add that I really appreciate the post and pix. I just installed a Sony deck that looks very similar to this one. The main reason I put it in was for the aux in jack, so I'm sure you can see how I'm very interested in the potential for a problem on my end and the solution that greendusk came up with.

And as for having the RCA jacks on the back, when you have 5 daps that you use on different occasions, pulling your dash apart to plug in a different one for the day is not an option. The front jack is convenient and looks good.
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