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Default Another Broken Clip - Prosthetic Surgery

Well my Clip+ joined the ranks with broken clips, or more accurately clip mounting posts.

Not a winning design SanDisk. I'm careful with my things (my e200 is still in good shape), but this broke after a little over 6 months. I use it about five times a week, nearly always clipped to my shirt pocket, but yesterday I clipped it to my belt which is about 4mm thick. I guess that overstressed the hinge post, since this morning it broke.

Rather than mess around with an RMA and get another one with the same weak point. I decided to upgrade the clip with one from a security badge.

First, so nothing else would break when I removed the old clip, I pushed the hinge pin through from the good hinge post, which completely released the hinge.

Then I super-glued the broken hinge post. I think super glue is more than strong enough to hold the weight of the Clip+. I'm certain it was actually the force of the clip spring that caused it to break.

Then I used a hobby knife to carve out holes in the badge strap for the two hinge mounts to fit through.

Finally I locked the strap in place with a tiny safety pin.

So it is secured through both hinge posts but still easy to remove.

While it's not as clean and compact as the original, it is considerably stronger and I'm fairly confident it will work out for the long haul, but if it doesn't I'll let you know.

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