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Default Firmware Revision History

OK, I compiled the list myself Please feel free to add more details to this thread if you have any.

And here's a link to the thread with the firmware downloads.

Clip v1 + v2

01.01.32 / 02.01.32

  • Single firmware for all regions. Set the region after selecting the Language
  • Supports up to 4,000 songs
  • Audiobooks resume with chapter as well as seek position
Bugs Fixed:
  • Playlists redirect to GoList when there are many playlists on device
  • Device hangs up during Voice recording
  • Add to GoList at Artist level does not work if Rhapsody Channel is present
  • Intermittent loss of resume position for long MP3 Audiobooks.
  • Certain FLAC file tag info is not displayed on device UI
  • Music plays slow – mp3 192kbps 44KHz CBR
  • Long files skip after fast forward
  • Device auto-reboots after UI formatting
  • Device shut off during FM recording
  • Device cannot connect to PS3 if started from OFF condition in MSC mode
Known Issues:
  • EQ spectrum moves slowly when playing OGG content that is 16KHz or below
  • When Device is on, it will not be recognized by PS3 console when connect to it
  • Repeated songs in playlist do not playback properly
  • Playlists containing Audiobook folder files does not work

Clip v1


  • FLAC decoder support
  • Allow Podcasts to skip episodes using FF / REW
  • New startup and shutoff images
  • Improved the time to rebuild the metadata
  • Improved M3U playlist support
  • Enhancements for sorting Podcast contents which do not have their track number ID3 tag information
  • Separate missing license error message for Audible and generic Audiobooks. Message changed to instruct the customer in how to resolve the problem
Bugs Fixed:
  • OGG placed in Audiobook or podcast folder shows up in Music directory
  • Delete song from a long playlist causes the device to hang
  • Selecting “Back to Music List” while playing FM/Voice recordings will display double “Play All” on screen & will cause device to hang upon selecting “Play All”
  • Certain tag information for mp3 files will cause the device to hang or freeze
  • Made OGG file Tags not case sensitive
  • Noise problem on voice recording
  • Device in MTP mode will jump back to AutoSelect mode after UI format
  • Device behaves erratically when file extension got changed (i.e. .txt to .mp3, .jpg to .wma)
  • All Audiobooks should show 1/1 if Chapter Mode is OFF
  • Certain Rhapsody tracks show clicking noises
  • Deactivation message “Synchronize to listen to your Audiobooks” for Audible is uninformative and irrelevant
Known Issues:
  • Selecting Playback speed to “Fast” while playing Podcasts may cause the device to lag.
  • Add to GoList does not work for Podcast content


Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed occasional early expiration of Rhapsody Licenses.
  • Battery indicator is now much more linear with Play time remaining.
  • Fixed a bug in FF/ REW of Long VBR MP3 files.
  • Fixed Genre can appear two times depending on the Tag encoding.
  • Device highlights "Play Previous" after returning to Music from FM playback.
  • Fixed bug with maintaining Custom EQ setting / volume level after power cycle.
  • After FM Autoscan, device will return to FM tuner display.
  • Bug fixes relating to deleting files on the device.
  • Improved the speed to change DRM-protected tracks in Plays from Device Mode.
  • Increased Brightness for 4 GB devices.
  • Added OGG-Vorbis (*.ogg) Decoder Support in MTP and MSC mode.
  • Ported Audiobook and Podcast Sorting and Resume features found in Fuze.
    Content placed in Audiobook or Podcast Folders will be accessed separately from Music.
    Content with Genre tags of "Audiobook" or "Podcast" will be handled from any location and sorted by the UI..
    PodCast and Audiobook have been organized by 2 level hierarchy.
    Podcast content is sorted with newest episode first.
    Auto Bookmark: These contents will prompt the user with "Resume?" or "Restart" option when restarted.
  • Improved the Shuffle algorithm to maintain the sequence of up to 2000 songs. User can skip to the previously played songs without reshuffling. Sequence is preserved after power off and on.
  • Handle playlists up to 1000 songs. Fixed playlists with large count taking long time to load.
  • Battery Power percentage is available on the "Settings> System Info" Screen at the end.
  • Device Auto Powers off if the Radio is Paused / Muted, to do power saving.
  • Add support for Melon SKT MusicDRM V1.4 (For Korea market).
  • Performs Faster, more complete MTP Format operation


Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed device hang at refresh database with certain ID tag Genres
  • Corrected FM Scan step to 200Khz for Americas Players
  • Fixed Device Hang at refresh database after WAV files are renamed and put in FM Folder.
  • Delete invalid MP3 files showing up after transfer from MAC Computers.
  • Put a check next to the selected USB Mode in Settings>USB Mode
  • Add To Go List works using Press and hold (Center Button) in Navigation mode
    User can add individual tracks to the Go list on the fly when navigating at the Song level in Albums, Artists, Genres, Playlists, Top Rated, etc.
    Additional Press and Hold will remove existing songs from the Go List.
    Selecting the Go List itself, user can delete a song using press and hold.
  • Volume range is extended 10 steps (-15 db) at the lowest setting to allow quieter playback of MP3 and FM radio.
  • FM Autoscan Algorithm is enhanced to collect valid stations more accurately.
  • Battery level indication with finer granularity on the LCD.


Bug Fixes:
  • Voice Recorder Sample rate improved.
  • Numerous bug fixes.
  • Battery Gauge more accurate.
  • Long MP3 file Audiobooks FF properly. WMA 32K will be fixed in the next release.
  • Long MP3 files resume properly.
  • Time for long files shows Hours properly.
  • Charging from USB does not force Database to refresh if no content is transferred.
  • Spectrum Display runs faster when EQ is turned on.

Clip v2


  • FLAC decoder support
Bugs Fixed:
  • Rhapsody icon gets cut after press and hold buttons during playback
  • Device shows “disconnected” sometimes after unplug from AC adapter / charger
Known Issues:
  • Continuous record & save without playing back or turning off device will eventually cause the device to hang & go to Voice Record (if it’s done prior) after reboot
  • Cannot playback recording after record full due to lack of space for database rebuild
  • Add to GoList does not work for Podcast content
  • The play/pause icon is missing momentarily after deleting an audible
  • Repeated songs in playlist does not playback properly

Whenever I upgrade firmware, I always like to know what bugs it is fixing, what enhancements it will bring (and maybe take away), etc.

I was thinking it'd be nice if there was a sticky listing not only the most recent firmware, but ALL of the firmware revisions. If not the actual binaries, then at least a full list of the changes from v11A to v12A to 18A etc.

Does anybody have this info? Do share!

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