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Originally Posted by Andrey_ View Post
I had tried that one too, it's not the battery because before it had died it was charging through the USB...

I think it should be somehow formated manually, because the PC won't recognize it [earlier it did]. If there is a way to do this I would like to know...
I don't understand your statement about the battery, what I hear you saying is "before it failed it was working" which could apply to anything. Battery failure, especially with LiIon batteries can be sudden just like other failures.

If you don't hear the "ba-dink" sound a device makes when you plug in to USB, then you really do need to treat it as a failure to power on, or failed battery.

If you do hear the connection sound, then you might be able to go into Device Manager with the player connected, find the driver and disable, then delete it. Reboot your computer and reconnect the player and see if the driver reload helps.

Hope this helps,

P.S. you might try another cable too. The clip's mini B usb cable is fairly common among players and cameras. Also make sure and plug into a tested USB port and not a hub.

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