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Old 05-02-2008, 04:21 PM
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Default Excellent Headphones $50-100 - So Hard to Decide

I'm still a relative noob to the whole DAP and audiophile scene, but I just purchased a Cowon D2 (awesome so far) and I want to get a nice set of accompanying phones. I listen to a wide variety of music, from classic/alternative rock to hip hop, electronic to classical. I plan to use them for watching DVDs and listening to music on my laptop as well.

Anyway, I've used Sennheiser phones before and I liked the quality and comfort. Based on posts here and elsewhere, it really sounds like the HD201's would meet my needs and be cheap to boot, but I was wondering if there was anything comparable but moderately better in the sound quality department?

Important qualities:

Moderately isolating - keeping outside noise out but also without leaking my own noise and bothering others
Balanced, accurate to warmish sound (and especially no anemic bass)
Comfortable for 4-8 hours (I have a semi-large head and big retarded ears)
Decent build quality

I did find these recently:

I've seen lots of glowing reviews for the sound of the HD 485, but I don't think they'd work because they're open and leak a lot of sound. Is there anything comparable but closed in that approximate price range, or are the 201's all I really need?

I've looked at the HD280Pro, but people complain about their discomfort. I've also heard good things about some of the Sony phones, though they might be TOO precise and the pads seem to wear too quickly.

Help? =)
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