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Default SGP 4.0 : 2430 mAh replacement battery

I found this on eBay :

Ultra-High Capacity EB494353VU Replacement Gold Battery

Summary of seller's description :

Manufactured in Japan. (...) high-quality flexible connectors offer excellent conductive and anti-corrosive properties.
This battery is safe to use, identical in size & shaped to the original manufacturer's batteries

To get the best out of your battery please follow the instructions below:

1) When you receive your new battery, take it out of its packaging and insert it into your electronic device. Turn your device on and drain your battery until you’re left with 1 bar of power. Then charge your device for a minimum period of 12 hours. Your first charge cycle is very important, do not charge it before it is down to 1 bar.

2) After you have completed the initial charge, your battery should only be recharged once you drain it down to 1 bar of power and should be recharged for a minimum period of 6 hours for the battery to reach its full capacity. Ignore the phone telling you that the battery is full—this is normal but is not accurate.

Made in Japan
2 year warranty
Utra-high capacity battery
Maximises time between charges
Delivers superior performance
Robust & durable battery
Direct battery replacement
Stable and safe to use
No memory effect
Uses Li-ion technology
Capacity: 2430mAh

So anyone here have tried these batteries ?
Is it really safe to use it ?

Personally, I would welcome the extra running time. But I don't think it is very convenient to have to wait until there's only "one bar" left to recharge it.
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you WON"T get better battery life, it is physically IMPOSSIBLE to DOUBLE CAPACITY in a shell the SAME size, only buy one of these if your stock battery is shot and you want a cheap replacement.
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Thank you for answering Daniel, It makes sense.
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Fake falsely labeled battery - stay away!!!
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