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Default Chakra (aka HO) Alpha Test

Chakra is a UCI for both Cowon S9 and J3. It's an upgrade of the HO UCI, but is currently in alpha state due to source code maintenances.

The latest version, a2 Build 2101011152056, has the following features:
- Multiple desktops
- Icons, custom icons, widgets
- Folders (better compared to HO)
- Swipeable menubar (3 pages)


v1.0 b2pre (build 201012120033) (Post @

Previous releases:

- v1.0 a2 (build 201011152056) (Post @

- v1.0 a1 pre (build 201011072243) (Post @

- v1.0 a1 pre (build 201011070033) (Post @

- v1.0 a1 pre (build 201011061338)


How to use custom icons:

- Create a folder 'Chakra' in 'System/Flash UI'

- Create a folder 'custom icons' in 'System/Flash UI/Chakra'

- Put icons in the 'custom icons' folder. Every icon must be there twice: One with and one without label. The naming is: 'icon name.png' and 'icon name__l.png'. 'icon name' is a unique identifier of the custom icon. Read the text below for more details.

- Create a file 'custom icons.xml' in 'Chakra' and open it with a text editor.
Copy and paste the following content:
<?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8'?>

- For every icon you have create an entry in <icons>...</icons> with the following scheme:
<icon name="name" type="type" file="file" />
Name: A unique name for the custom icon
Type: 'Launcher' or 'Flash'
File: Filename of the file the icon opens. If the type is 'Launcher', the file must be in 'System/Flash UI/', otherwise it has to be put into 'Flash/'.

- Custom icons can be found in the icon menu. There may be more than one page, so swipe down to go to the next page. There's an indicator on the right side which shows the current page.

The archive already contains the folder structure and the XML file. There's already a sample custom icon added which launches memtest.swf, a game I created.

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