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Default [Menu UCI] Aero Ultimate G1

Aero Ultimate is a User Creative Interface for the Cowon S9 and allows the user to customize the mainmenu however he wants.

The Features

You are able to customize the interface however you want.
There are lots of icons and widgets (they are called 'desklets' altogether) available to use, and you can add them using the 'Desktop Editor'.

Available icons:

Available widgets:

The analog clock widget:

The analog clock widget shows the current time.
Tap the clock and there will be shown a button. Tap the button and you can switch between 5 different skins.

Another tap on the clock hides the button again.

The battery status widget:

The battery status widget indicates the current battery level of the player.
There are 6 states:

The brightness widget:

With the brightness control widget can you set the current brightness level of the screen.
There are 6 levels you can set:

The widget shows always the current brightness level.

If you disabled the option that the brightness widget shows a label the widget looks like this:

The bluetooth control widget:

The bluetooth control widget allows you to enable or disable the bluetooth widget of the S9 directly on the mainmenu without the circumstance that you have to navigate through the options screen.
If bluetooth is disabled, you will see this state of the widget:

After tapping on it, you will see first this state (could take a few seconds)...

...and then this:

After tapping on the widget in 'bluetooth on' state, it's almost reversed, but the second state is skipped.

The calendar widget:

The calendar widget shows all days the current month has, like a wall calendar does.
The current day is orange.

The mode info widget:

The mode info widget shows the title, artist and, if available, the album cover of the currently playing song (music mode) or the currently active frequency (radio mode).

Music part:With album cover:

Without album cover:

Radio part:

Also, this widget allows you to switch between the music mode and radio mode quickly. Tap the middle of it and a button appears. Just tap it and the mode is switched. You can hide the button by tapping the widget somewhere else.

The mute control widget:

With the mute control widget can you turn on and of the volume instantly.
There are two states:

The widget always shows the currently used state. If mute is inactive, it also shows the current volume.
Note: The widget works for the mainmenu only. If mute is active and you exit the mainmenu, the volume will be reseted.

The slideshow widget:

The picture preview widget shows any picture. When you tap it, three controls will be shown. Two arrows and in the middle either a play or a pause button. With the arrows can you change the picture. With the play button can you start a slideshow and with the pause button can you pause the slideshow.
One more tap on the widget hides the buttons.

Without the buttons visible:

With the buttons:

The world clock widget:

The world clock can show up to three different times zones. You can set the world clock in a mode where all clocks are handled as one widget or you can set it that every clock is handled as separate widget.
You can read more about that in the user's guide.

Either world clock widget in standard mode with only one clock enabled or a separate world clock:

World clock widget in standard mode with two clocks enabled:

The quick link widgets (includes these widgets: lock, shutdown, travel mode):

The lock widget opens the lock screen.
The shutdown widget either shuts the S9 down or set it in sleep mode (you can set this in the options).
The travel mode widget starts the Travel Mode.

The mini widgets (includes these widgets: mini clock, mini calendar):

These widgets are only as small as a normal icon, but they both show date (mini calendar) and time (mini clock).

The hold mode widget:

With this widget you can set the current hold mode of the hard power switch.

The playback speed widget:

With this widget you can set the current playback speed from 50% to 150%.

Of course you don't have to tap the icon all the time to get the speed you want. Just tap it one time and a popup appears where you can set the speed directly.

Sleep timer widget:

With this widget you can activate or inactivate the sleep timer (from 10 minutes to 120 minutes or off).

You don't have to tap the widget all the time to get the time you want. Just tap it one time and you can set the time directly in a popup.

Post-It widget:

This widget shows any text written in the typist.

You can show and hide the navigation controls by tapping the widget in the center.
With the arrows you can change the currently shown text and with the edit button you can start typist.

You haven't only one desktop you can customize, you have four.
You can easily move icons from one desktop to another and it's just as simple to switch between them.

You can create your own icons using the easy-to-use custom icons manager.
Up to 270 icons are possible!

The interface is very fast and responsive, and the animations are very smooth, thanks to best optimization methods and clear source code.

Big touch areas and simple gestures. To switch between the desktops you just need to swipe left or right. It's the same with other things like the toolbar at the bottom etc.
Also, you can start a simplified interface which is especially created for the usage while traveling.
You can read more about that in the user's guide.

This UCI is very secure since it allows you to lock the whole interface - if you want with password protection.


- Very customizable interface with 15 icons, 17 widgets and the ability to create up to 270 own icons.

- 4 desktops you can customize however you want.

- Easy gestures and big touch areas make it easy to use this interface.

- High security thanks to lock screen and password protection.

Note: The screenshots are shot on the computer, so some functions didn't work correctly.

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