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Default Aero Ultimate [MainMenu]


My hard drive crashed a few days ago, and I lost all my files.
I started to work on a new UCI, and today I released the first public beta.

My original post on

Aero Ultimate

Getting started

How to install

After you downloaded the archive (download link is at the end of this post) extract the content into the X:\System\Flash UI\ folder (X is the S9's drive letter).
That's all.

The desktop

The first time you use the UCI, you will see a screen like this.
1. This is the desktop area, where you can place icons and in future releases widgets. In general they are called desklets.
You can switch the desktop by swiping to the left/right.
2. This is the toolbar. Normally you can see a clock, but you can change it by swiping to the left/right.
Swiping to the right opens the quick music panel (3), where you can play/pause, rew, ff.
Swiping to the left opens the desktop control panel (4), where you can shut off your S9 (1st button), edit your desktops (2nd button) and switch the UCI (3rd button).

You can also hide the toolbar, just swipe down, and it disappears. Instead of that there will be shown an indicator about the currently shown desktop (5).
Swiping up make the tollbar appear again.

How to edit the desktop

Don't worry if you see no icons. You jz7st haven't icons placed at the desktop or you use this UCI the first time.
6. This is the grid. If it is enabled, icons snap to the grid so that you can place them easier on the desktop.
You can control the grid with the 2nd button at the toolbar (8). You can choose between grid 1 (small), grid 2 (large) and no grid (snap to grid disabled).
7. This bar is important for moving icons from one desktop to another or deleting them. Dropping an icon over the left/right arrow, the icon is moved to the previous/next desktop. Dropping it over the 'X' removes the icon.
8. This is the toolbar. The 1st button exits the desktop editor. The second one controls the grid (more about that: 6.). The last icon opens the desklets collection (more about that now).

This is the desklets collection, where you can add desklets to the current desktop.
9. Tapping the left/right arrow changes the currently shown page of icons.
Tapping the 'X' exits the desklets collection.
10. These are the icons you can place at the current desktop. Icons already used aren't shown there.
You can add an icon by tapping it. It will disappear from the desklets collection and will appear at the desktop.

Note: You can use the swiping gesture to switch between the desktops also a the desktop editor and while the desklets collection is shown.

Download of the first public beta

Please post your feedback about usability, bugs and your opinion about the UCI here.


The last sentence applies here, too.
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