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Default Widgets/Apps for Wallpaper (Claw) UI

Decided to keep this as a separate thread - makes it easier to navigate.

To install, unzip contents into <Cowon>/System/Flash UI
Go into SOL subdirectory and rename icondef_n.sol to a next free number (if you don't have icondef_2.sol, then name it then). The widget comes preconfigured via the .sol file, but you can reconfigure it if you like via Custom Icon Manager. Widgets install unto 'Utilities' by default.

Wallpaper UI v3.24 or later is required.

Download 'Lock Screen' Widget
Download source code

You are free do do whatever you want with the source ...

Run widget to 'lock' the screen.
If radio is playing, the screen runs in Radio mode (with play/pause/rew/ff acting accortingly). Screen display will show current frequency and preset info if defined ... clock displayed at the bottom.

In other cases it enters Music mode. You can use hard buttons to play/pause/rew/ff - nothing else. If music is not playing, the screen is empty, with the clock at the bottom ... Album art and title/artist/album is displayed if present - but only during actual playback - screen goes blank if playback is stopped. No text scrolling or album sliding is enabled (to reduce overhead).

To unlock - Touch left edge anywhere on the screen, then slide the newly displayed orange button all the way to the right.

Download 'Change Brightness' Widget
Download Source Code

Stopwatch Widget - version 1:

1. Start/Pause/Reset/Lap stopwatch soft button controls.
2. Hard button mode (middle button with stopwatch icon):
- Stopwatch: Middle hard button starts/pauses stopwatch. Next/Prev hard buttons are for Next Lap.
- Music: Hard buttons act like in Music UI
- Radio: Hard buttons act like in Radio UI
Music/Radio depends on which mode is active when you get in - you cannot yet change from Music to Radio here.

The mode is persistent for a current session and defaults to Stopwatch. If you want default mode to be Music/Radio, use App Settings -> Stop Watch -> Stopwatch Mode Start
3. In Radio mode, Radio freq/preset is displayed. In Music mode, mp3 tags are displayed.
4. Widget tracks Pause/Rest time.

Note that the stopwatch does not keep on running if you exit it ... for now.

Download Widget

The widget is designed to run in Launcher Mode.

1 - Unzip to <cowon>/System/Flash UI
2 - Go to Flash UI/SOL directory and rename icondef_n.sol file to another free number (i.e. icondef_6.sol).

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