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Default Puzzle (?uzzle) by Luna 3.1 (up to 3.2)

Puzzle 3rd was posted by mosaiC in the thread Puzzle (?uzzle) by Luna 2.3 (in reply).
Thank you mosaiC.

I'm just posting again as: I've translated Luna's posting myself (so should be better than google translations... at least I hope :P )& Luna's images are somewhat crucial (for easier understanding)

<<Puzzle 3.2 >>
Thanks to KromaXamorK (on page 2 of iaudiophile thread)

Download 2:
Download 3:


Hi guys, it's Luna.
Did you enjoy the holidays?

I'm officially releasing the 3rd Puzzle (?uzzle).

3rd Puzzle's theme is "the world that I created". I've focused on maximizing the functionality and convenience.

Also, as I will explain later, there are more customization options. You can make your own 'puzzle look'.

Let's get it started!

[ Installation ]

Extract the files in to system\Flash UI folder in S9

As you see above, 'puzzle' folder was added which contains all the resource files for "Puzzle 3rd".

Puzzle 3rd works with all firmware versions, but please use x.30b or above.

[ Functions ]

[ A ] ?uzzle : Show/hide "Widzicon blind" that contains all the icons and widgets of Puzzle. Also, you can remove the icons and widgets on the stage by dragging them here.
[ B ] Navigation : Displays which stage you are in. In Puzzle 3rd, there are 3 stages you can use. Also, if you click this, you will be moved to the center stage (2nd stage)

[ C ] Shortcut : Loads shortcut icons. I will explain this in detail later on.

[ D ] Jukebox : Displays a simple panel for music control.

[ E ] Widzicon Blind : Contains icons and widgets. Drag icons or widgets into the stage in order to use them.

[ F ] Shortcut Panel

[ G ] Drag : In Puzzle 3rd, you can move by dragging the background. Use drag if fine adjustment is needed. Use <- / -> gesture for quick move between stages.

[ H ] Trash Zone : Remove icons or widgets by dragging them here. There are three forms of it, and you can change it by clicking on it. You can choose to show/hide this icon in Shortcut Panel.
[ I ] Turn Off : Turns S9 off.

[ J ] Lock / Unlock : Lock / unlock icons or widgets on the stage.

[ K ] Auto Align : Automatically aligns icons and widgets on the stage.

[ L ] Opacity : Changes opacity of icons on the stage, from 20% ~ 100%.

[ M / N ] Theme : Switch theme. Shows other two themes. (i.e. if Puzzle is set as mainmenu1.swf, theme 2 & 3 will be displayed.

[ O ] Settings : S9 setting.

[ P ] Trash Zone : Show or hide trash zone

[ New Widgets ]

1. Director (Background slide show)
Drag it into stage, and it will be activated. Images in the 'Picture' folder are displayed every 20-30 seconds by random.

*Images are displayed without resizing, for optimization of the processing speed. This works best with images of 272x480.

*Use this after choosing 'picture' folder in the browser. Otherwise, the slide show will display all images in S9.

2. Face
Displays Avartar. Supports up to 5 images. You can customize it by changing 'face_0.jpg' ~ 'face_4.jpg' in 'puzzle' folder. The images should be 100x100.

[ Tips ]

1. For optimized performance, calendar is changed such that it loads images. Therefore, if you change images such as '1_28.jpg' in 'puzzle' folder, you can make your own calendar. However, you will need to change all 28 images. Images are of 146x104.

2. Speech Balloon is also an image, and you can change this. Modify 'bubble_0.jpg'~'bublle_10.jpg' in 'puzzle' folder. Images are of 85x85.

The contents of the speech balloons in Puzzle 3rd are dedicated to "vajra". I wish the best for you.

3. Background image is '_bg.jpg' in 'puzzle' folder. The size is bigger than it used to be as there are 3 stages now; it's 816x480.

[ Bonus ]
This is the final design for g.r.i.d.

* Do not modify or distribute this UCI without permissions*

[ Version 3.1 changes]

I've fixed few known bugs.

1. Speech balloon bug. (aka mal pung sun, according to the great google)

2. Trashzone bug

3. Director malfunction

[ To be updated in future versions ]

Adjustable interval for Director.

Use of Navigation to move between stages (right now, clicking it always moves you to the 2nd stage)

Adding sleep mode icon

Gesture sensitivity

Bounce effect with icons (moving back to the original position if moved over the permitted boundaries)


++Q. Icons moved into some strange place, and I cannot return them.

A. Bounce effect in next release will minimize such from occuring. Deleting all the files starting with "puzzle_3rd_" in "system > Flash UI > sol" folder will reset all puzzle settings (hence returning the icons).

++Q. What do you mean by choose picture folder with browswer before using Director?

A. Follow the steps below

1. Open Browser
2. Choose [folders]
3. Choose [Pictures]
4. Click on any image to view it
5. Return to the mainmenu

++Q. What about the newly added game, notepad, or the swing function?

A. Cowon hasn't release the related codes. Once they do, I will add them.

++Q. Is Quiz a music UCI?

A. It's sort of plug-in for Puzzle. It will add functions such as password. I decided to separate it from Puzzle for optimized speed and convenience. I might add other functions. Also, music UCI of Puzzle series will be called "Piano"
[ Version 3.2]

1. Trash Zone bug fixed
2. Click Navigation, and it will change the stage in the direction of 1 -> 2 -> 3 -> 1
3. Gesture Sensitivity adjustment
4. Vertical Bounce effect applied to icons and widgets (it will go back to its original location when it goes over the boundaries)


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