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Old 08-27-2015, 05:15 AM
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Nothing really. I have not heard it. I have only the E10. (There was a smiley after that sentence for a reason.)

I think, though, that mostly it is not really reasonable to go for the "90% of the performance for 50% of the price" option, whatever those numbers are supposed to present in real life. Diminishing returns is a given but still it is reasonable to pay more for a product as long as it is somewhat better - and be more happy with the quality of the product during the years that it might last.

You don't need dozens of earphones - you only have two ears. I imagine that you have boxes full of earphones, all "good deals" no doubt, that would last you several lifetimes. What is the point of that? It isn't ecological because cheap products might have taken the same amount of materials and energy for their manufacture as better products take. If someone can't afford a better product, that is fine. (In this case the OP intends to buy an iPhone 6, so he probably can afford more than $7 earphones.) But it doesn't make much sense to buy lots of cheap stuff that won't get much use, IMO.

I have a little of pack rat in me, and have had friends with the same trait much more pronounced. One bought hundreds of empty CDs and burned on them CDs from friends and libraries. He did not even have time to listen to them. I'm sure that the development of compressed audio made the collection into a major waste of space and money. Another one rented more DVDs than he had time to watch and copied them on DVDs. I would bet that he did not watch even a fraction of them before they became obsolete. What were they really thinking? Preparing for the seven bad years during the seven good years? Or maybe preparing for a nuclear winter?

About the Marshmallows: There are several different models and not all of them are the same. I remember reading a review that stated that the HA-FX35 was the best of them. Other, newer, models might be disappointing. I also have the HA-FX67 (Air Cushion). It is quite similar in sound quality to the HA-FX35, but slightly better in my opinion. Both are worse than the E10 sound quality wise, but their cables probably are more robust.
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