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Default new IEM recommendations


So I've recently gotten a J3 (and many thanks to this site and forum for steering me in that direction), and I need a new IEM to go with it. Here are my "requirements":

1) Usage: on the go (while traveling, working away from my office or house), so comfort and good isolation are essential. While it'd be great if the J3 could drive it on its own, I do have a small amp that could be used.

2) Price: My budget here is relatively flexible. I'd prefer to spend under $200, but I could spend up to $400 if a really nice option presents itself.

3) Media: I listen to a relatively wide range of music, but mostly hip-hop, techno, punk rock (and some classic rock as well), and classical. So it'd be great if I could find a single earphone that has good SQ across the board, but I could get two different sets of phones if one was really solid in the bass (for the hip-hop/techno) and one was better in the mids and highs (for the classical) if they were both relatively inexpensive.

So far I've been looking at the Hippo VB (when it comes back in stock, anyway), the Phonak Audeo PFE (though it looks like I should wait for the 232 to be released if I go that route), and the Earsonics SM3, though I'm sure there are a world of other options that for some reason I haven't actively considered. It looks like I could get both the VB and the Phonak (as described about, using the Phonak for rock and classical and the VB for more hip-hoppy stuff), but any help you guys can provide would be excellent. Thanks!
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