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Old 12-15-2010, 06:57 PM
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Exclamation Read before asking for headphone recommendations

Information we need to help you with headphone recommendations:
  • Budget: The price range that you are willing to spend; minimum to maximum spend.
  • Location: Some headphones or IEMs are hard to find in some countries, so if you tell us where you live (country/city), others that live in your general area can help from prior experience to make recommendations on what is available in your area and possibly online sites that they’ve purchased from as well.
  • Category: What type; Full size headphones, portable headphones, in-ear monitor (IEM), earbuds or custom monitors.
  • Open Style (full size headphones): Leaks sound out of the grills, typically have a wider soundstage, do not isolate the user from ambient sound and can be heard by others. Open/closed style typically refers to full size headphones or portable headphones. While some IEMs or buds may have an open design, we are referring open/close here towards full or portable headphones. If you want earbuds it is understood that they will leak sound and not provide any isolation, no need to state open style.
  • Closed Style (full size headphones): have a sealed ear cup housing, which typically have a tighter soundstage, isolate ambient sound better and provide stronger bass. With a possible negative effect of sound distortion in certain frequencies; due to resonances within the closed ear cup housing.
  • Circumaural (full size headphones): Circular or ellipsoid housing with ear pads that completely surround around the ears not touching your ears but resting around them. This applies only to full size headphones although there may be some portable headphones that are circumaural, but definitely not IEMs.
  • Supra-aura (full size headphones): Pads that sit on top of the ears, rather than around them. This applies to full size headphones or portable headphones only, not IEMs.
  • Primary location of use: Home/indoor use, portable use, on the go or biking/sports? How and where are you going to use said phones'?
  • Preferable SQ or Sound Signature: Try to describe the sound signature you prefer, descriptive words can be found here. Do you like warm tones, neutral sound or balanced sound? Do you prefer boomy bass heavy lows, rich across the sound spectrum, focused midrange for vocals or even bright piercing highs? Try your best to describe your preferences so we can make recommendations.
  • Media: Genre or typical media you will use on said phones that you listen to would help to suggest something that fills your sound signature needs.
  • Source: What will be driving your headphones? Portable player, computer, etc.
Links that may help you: dfkt's IEM Comparison chart, Good Inexpensive Phones
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