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Exclamation how to select (full-size) headphones

i've read some posts about members asking others for some advice or recommendations on selecting full-size headphones. here's my thoughts about it, hope it helps.

1. whenever you can, try the headphones for yourself. this means borrowing it for a limited time from someone who owns one. treat it gently, otherwise, if you ruin it, the rightful owner, certainly, will demand replacement. this can be a problem if the headphones is no longer issued. not to mention that your relationship with the other party might be jeopardized.

1.5. trade shows, music stores are great if you want to try the headphones you've been sighting on. but you can only do so for such a limited time. any longer, and you'll get that nasty look from the other waiting behind you

2. read about the review from respected audio magazine, if any. some reviewers really know what they are doing. and see if you agree (why?) or, ESPECIALLY, disagree (why?) with the reviewer's comments after you try the headphones.

3. do the earcups fit your ear nicely? how about the headband, is it "clamping" your head too tight? because if so, it won't give you any comfort for a long period time of listening.

4. how does it sound with the combinations of musical genre of your choice? do you enjoy it?

5. does the cable length suit your application?

6. some headpones is designed for specific purpose, like for mp3, listening to TV. exactly, what is the purpose of the headphones designed for? if it is designed for TV listening, it might not be sonically superior if you listen to CD since it is originally designed to make all programs on TV (like news) are more easy to listen to. if it is designed for mp3, how does it sound? do you like it? if it is designed for MP3, there's a possibility that the lower bass and higher highs are boosted to compensate mp3 compression. there goes a problem if you listen to CD. if it is designed for TV, how does it sound?

7. some headphones come with volume control. oh, yeah, it's very comfy to adjust the sound volume handy. but, do you know that if the volume control is broken, there are only 2 things you can do: (a) spend some time to re-cable your headphones, provided the cable is long enough for you to cut and re-cable, if you know how to or know someone who can do it for you. (b) say goodbye to your headphones by tossing it to electronic waste dump. to avoid the volume control broken, adjust the sound volume from somewhere else, like the volume knob on your audio amplifier (someday, it will either need to be sprayed with contact cleaner or need replacement anyway) or on volume mixer in your computer. doing so will prolong the live of you volume control and, hence, you headphones life.

i told a friend of mine of that. spontaneously, he looked around for some 3m tape, set the volume on max and put the tape around the volume control. paranoid, you might say? he has been using the same headphones for 5 years straight. just like Andy Grove from Intel processor manufacturer : "paranoid survives."

to be continued....

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