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If you're still taking suggestions, you can get the Audeo PFE012 from Earphone solutions for $85 dollars with the coupon code "h15".

They should be reasonably balanced with the green filters that come with them from what I inferred reading reviews. If you like the signature to be even more flat or mid focused you can just get the grey filters after from Phonak's main site for $15. Now that's $15 to $30 over your budget but I mention it because Confispect suggested the PFE's 112.

For cheaper options you could consider Soundmagic E30 for under $40, Soundmagic PL50 for under $60 or even soundmagic E10 around $50 depending on your definition of balance. The E10's have a slight increase in bass but i'm sure they won't make your country music sound like rap like certain Bose headphones do . However, I'd say the phonak's would be better than any of the soundmagic offerings I've mention.
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