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Default D2 screen it worth saving?

I just got the D2 Oct 23. and I loved it and it lived up to its promise of ultimate sound quality, unfortunately a day ago I pulled it from my pocket to discover a cracked screen, not even the touchscreen will work. I dont have a clue how it got there I was gentle with it, and kept in my pocket in case with a invisi-shield screen protector on it at all times.

refer to

(Apologizes for image quality, taken on blackberry bold. But if you can't see it is on right side, top to bottom)

I emailed cowon, they said it deepened on severity of crack, and I needed to ship it to them to get an estimate on cost (around $70 i was told is avg.)

-and my other option-

I also emailed amazon (who I bought the D2 from) and the rep. replied that I could send it back and get a partial credit or partial refund.

Now my question to you is with all the new players coming out soon (been looking specifically at the S9) should I just wait and save a bit to get a new one or is it worth it to send in, basically will any of the new players be able to beat the D2 that I loved so much?

Thanks in advance.

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