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Thanks for the information.

Currently, I use my component system to convert vinyl to mp3 (B&O --> Adcom GFP-565 Pre-Amp --> Kenwood Minidisc --> Philips burner (digital copy) --> rip to pc via MediaMonkey to 256vbr). I was hoping to eliminate most of my system, without having to run it through a PC. I ran a test (not the best vinyl, but using Nada Surf's Karmic EP), comparing the output from my current set-up to: 1) B&O --> TAD-150 tube pre-amp (I didn't feel like messing around with all of my Adcom set-up) --> line-out to IAUDIO U3 (128kps WMA) & 2) B&O --> TAD-150 tube pre-amp --> headphone out (I didn't have the cable necessary to be able to use the line-out of the pre-amp) to an older MobiBlu unit (192kps mp3). I used (Easy Audio Cutter) to break up the WMA and MP3 tracks from the U3 and MobiBlu files. When listening back on the U3, the files created from my current set-up seemed to be warmer, with the U3 being second in quality, followed by the Mobibilu in a distant third. This was kind of what I expected. However, I'm hoping that the increase in quality (to 256kbs in the D2 should help). Thoughts? Basically, I'm wondering if anyone else uses the D2 as their primary method of creating mp3s from vinyl/cassette.


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