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Old 04-02-2009, 04:39 PM
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Default questions before i buy re: micro sdhc, file max, battery life, etc.

hello all.
thank you everyone for posting here. i've searched through and had many questions answered already. it has helped tremendously in picking out my next mp3 player [i'm finally replacing my Creative Labs Nomad Jukebox 3 which people keep confusing for a cd walkman from the early 90s].
any help or suggestions on the following questions is greatly appreciated.

1] i see that micro sdhc cards have speed as one of their specs. class 2, class 4, and class 6 being the fastest currently. i realize that class 4 is good enough for playing music and that class 6 will only really help for loading files, etc. what i'm wondering is if the sansa fuze can even handle the class 6 speed?
i am assuming that if the player itself must have a limit on how fast it can access the card... hypothetic situation: if class 5000 came out tomorrow, the player wouldn't be able to use the card's full potential.
if i am just concerned about playing music [and the time it takes to load a card], should i go with class 4 or class 6?

2] is there a maximum on the amount of files that the sansa can read? i'm thinking i'll get most of my music in FLAC, so i doubt i'll hit the cap; just wondering.

3] i see the company specs say that the battery lasts for 24 hours. is this what users are seeing as well? what is the battery life like [like, how many charges can it go through]? is it fairly impossible to replace the battery even if i don't mind opening it?

4] in terms of sound quality. i've heard that the Clip is awesome and that the Fuze is "on par"... how much on par is it? are people just saying it's on par, but it still feel disappointed?
also... the view is not even close in terms of sound quality, correct?

5] if money isn't too much of an issue, is there any reason not to go with the 8gig version of the Fuze?

6] what does rockbox refurbished mean?

thanks for your time. any answer to any of the above would be very helpful.
or if there is anything else i'm not considering, please let me know
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