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Originally Posted by SheepCake View Post
not really, higher capacity memory chips are out there now, I have a flashdrive that uses 1 chip for 16gb storege, and have seen 32mb single flash chips(But they are NOT cheap)

16gb could be the sweetspot for price to size, most likely a firmware update and just swaping out the chip would work.

also uSDHC naaa, you want uSDXC , it supports uSDHC but also supports newer even higher capacity chips that are due to come out soon.

now as to what I would like to see.

Start with the fuze, replace the screen with a decent but not top end AMOLED screen, either extend the batt life with a better batt OR modify the design to take a changeable batt like a small cellphone batt, and make the firmware more like rockbox OR just use rockbox with some form of proprietary plugin to support DRM for those who want to use subscription music services and audible/overdrive, I mean a nicer gui would be nice over rockbox but thats cosmetic and shouldnt be to hard to manage for sandisk/sansa.

What? I'm talking about batteries - not the battery usage, memory chips, or anything else you mentioned about my post in your post!

And why do we need an AMOLED screen? We need SLCD!
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