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Default Amp recommendation for Sansa Fuze and Senn IE 8

Hello folks, this is my first post on the forum although ive been a reader of the blog for a long while now...

Hopefully some of you good people might be able to throw some decent recommendations my way. The Sansa Fuze sounds great flat but doesnt really drive the basshead IEMs such as my Senn IE 8s very well and the equalizer is very much a joke... I like lots of bass but not the muddy booming kind, of course. I love to have the sub-bass frequencies of styles such as dubstep to make me nearly fall over when walking down the sidewalk, if you catch my drift...

So anyway, I used to achieve the desired sound using a Graham Slee Voyager amp, which is obviously quite a good amp and the contour setting is well tuned. Unfortunately, I had to sell this amp recently and besides, it was actually pretty huge and not what I'd call portable. I like to carry my PMP and amp in a pocket and the Graham Slee was just too bulky for that.

After Rockboxing my Fuze I managed to tweak the sound so that it is not quite as bass-less as the OF; however, it is still a bit too muddy for my tastes.

So here comes the question - are there any small, preferably quite cheap portable amps that would be able to drive these Senns properly? How is the FiiO E5 as a bass amp? Any other recommendations are also welcome.

Thanks in advance!
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amp, fiio e5, fuze, sennheiser ie 8

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