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Default Windows Phone 7 Wiki

Well here's my first attempt at a WIKI for all you readers here - hope you like it (sources quoted where remembered. PM me if you are a source and I neglected to mention you thanks!).

What is Windows Phone 7 (WP7)?

WP7 is the latest Microsoft Mobile Operating System for Smartphones. It follows on from WinMobile 6.5 – however it is a complete re-boot for the OS, redesigned largely from scratch with a modern “Metro” UI initially based around the ZuneHD interface. It features a high-end hardware platform with a “Live Tile” based UI, Apps/Games Marketplace, integrated Multimedia, Office Suite and Social Networking “Hubs”.

When was WP7 released – and where?

WP7 was released in late OCT 2010 for some regions around the world (including Australia) and in early November 2010 for the US market. It has been released in many regions around the world such as; US, Canada, Great Britain, Europe (selected countries), Asia and Australia.

What are the minimum hardware specs for a WP7 device?

Each Windows Phone will contain the following hardware elements:
* A large WVGA (800 x 480) format display capable of rendering most web content in full-page width and displaying movies in a cinematic aspect ratio.
* Capacitive 4-point multi-touch screens for quick, simple control of the phone and its features.
* DirectX 9 hardware acceleration for crisp graphics and exciting audio and video.
* A standard suite of sensors - A-GPS, accelerometer, compass, light, proximity - for interacting with the phone’s location, orientation, and environment.
* A digital camera.
* A common set of hardware controls and buttons that include the Start, Search, and Back buttons.
* Support for data connectivity using cellular networks and Wi-Fi.
* 256 MB (or more) of RAM and 8 GB (or more) of flash storage.

What about memory expansion with WP7?

WP7 uses a JBOD memory structure. As such, the built-in storage is formatted and written to in a way which prohibits the addition of expandable microSD storage without a full format and hard reset. At release, only one device (the Samsung Focus – not released in AUST.) supported a slot for additional memory expansion. Whilst Samsung included this, it was apparently against the wishes of MS. Consequently, it became apparent that many SD cards caused fatal (req. format/hard reset) results with the OS. Despite using high-rated (Class 6 even) cards – the WP7 OS requires consistent, accurate and fast read access times to the SD storage. SD cards rate their class primarily on write speeds – not read access, so chances are high that most cards will cause issues if expanding the storage is attempted.
Presently, MS are advised to be working on a certification process (and testing vendor’s cards) for a “works with WP7” status.

What OEM Phone Companies have models for WP7 globally?

• In North America:
o AT&T
* HTC Surround, United States
* Samsung Focus, United States
* LG Quantum, United States
o T-Mobile USA
* HTC HD7, United States
*Dell Venue Pro, United States
* HTC 7 Surround, Canada
* LG Optimus 7, Canada
o América Móvil
* LG Optimus 7, Mexico
• In Europe:
o O2
* HTC HD7, United Kingdom, Germany
o Orange
* HTC 7 Mozart, including France, United Kingdom
* Samsung OMNIA 7, including France, United Kingdom
* HTC 7 Trophy, France
* Samsung OMNIA 7, France
o Movistar
* LG Optimus 7, Spain
* HTC HD7, Spain
*Samsung OMNIA 7, Spain
o Deutsche Telekom AG
* HTC 7 Mozart, Germany
* Samsung OMNIA 7, Germany
o Vodafone
* HTC 7 Trophy, including Germany, Spain, United Kingdom
* LG Optimus 7, including Germany, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom
• In Asia Pacific:
• SingTel / Optus
* HTC HD 7, Singapore
* LG Optimus 7, Singapore
* Samsung Omnia 7, Australia
* LG Optimus 7, Australia
• Telstra
* HTC 7 Mozart, Australia
* LG Optimus 7Q, Australia
• Vodafone
* HTC 7 Trophy, including Australia
(Source: )

What are the main features/benefits of WP7?

WP7 is positioned by MS as being modern, easy to use yet powerful. The MS website states;
• Glance & Go with
* Start Screen & Live Tiles
• Bring Everything Together
* People Hub featuring Facebook
* Pictures Hub with Camera
* Office Hub
* Games Hub featuring Xbox Live
* Marketplace Hub
• Make Life Easier with
* Search & Maps featuring Bing
* Email featuring Outlook Mobile
* Calendar
* Internet Explorer Mobile
* Find My Phone & Windows Live
What features/attributes are currently missing in WP7?

As of launch date, WP7 OS shipped with a number of user-desired features missing or unavailable to developers for apps. These are most commonly listed (not all) as;

• Copy & Paste, True Multitasking (MS has limited multitasking available to some of its own OS functions only), Custom Ring Tones, Tethering, Limited Developer access to some of the hardware API’s, wireless access to hidden SSID’s, Phone Backup & Restore and many others (see link below to MS Social web thread).

This link features a global table of features by OS region release – showing also the availability of certain functionality by region (Australia unfortunately suffers by comparison to the US)

What's the story re: Upgrades and/or Patches for WP7?

By any standards, MS pushed hard to have WP7 out prior to Xmas 2010. Some suggest their Marketing of WP7 was slow to start, rushed and launch proved difficult with many regional rollouts affected by limited stock in the supply chain and poorly trained Carrier sales staff regarding the new OS. One constant however, has been the commitment MS have advocated publicly over support for this OS via ongoing functional updates. As at time of writing, there are 2 main updates expected in 2011.
• Code named “Nodo” (reference to Android update “Donuts”). This update is expected in FEB 2011 – and MS has confirmed per the link below; Cut N Paste functionality, Performance updates for Apps and Games due to memory management optimisation (for GFX intense games and apps) and improvements to the Marketplace search and performance. There is also CDMA support expected sometime around or shortly after this update.
• Code named “Mango” this is expected to be a major OS update – almost taking it from a V7 to V8. More likely, this will be WP7 v7.5 – however this is not expected until the 2nd half 2011. Inclusions in this update are suggested to be HTML5 support and Silverlight within browser, IE9 updates, and a rumoured new rendering engine called Trident 5. Additional OS support for Gen 2 hardware can likely be expected.

How many other updates in between I guess will depend on what fits into each of these “announced” updates. Updates are deployed to carriers prior to public release, for testing of the carrier Apps/Hubs – however will be distributed via the Zune Client Software.

A recent Windows Phone Radio podcast by PM Matt Akers revealed;
“Matt Akers: I don’t know. I don’t know that it is right now. Now, one thing I do know is, a couple of things, first thing is anytime you connect to the Zune software we will automatically back up a physical copy of the photos and videos you’ve take on your phone, so that’s going to happen automatically for you unless you go turn that off, which you can if you wish ….

Second part is that, anytime we prepare to do an update, which as you know you’ll see soon, we will make a backup of your phone, the entire phone everything on it, your settings, all of that, such that, one, if something were to go wrong, we can roll you back into the perfect state that you were in before, and, two, that after the update, your phone is working in the same exact condition that it was before you had the update …
We’ve made that a really awesome experience, and not only is a really easy experience to update your phone, which is a one-click, yes, go do this, but we provide that backup capability. And once we do have that backup, the software will actually allow you to go back to a restore point later if you want to. So you can restore back, so if something happens with your phone, you install, you know, some bad app happens, I don’t know, whatever, you know, the phone basically gets corrupted, you would have the ability to go back and restore the phone to the point when the last time you backed it up. So that’s kinda nice. We do have a pretty good backup and restore story as far as that goes, but other than that most of your stuff will be uploaded to the cloud.”

Source: (me – then Wmpoweruser then Windows Phone Secrets!)

What is the Zune PC Client Software and why do I need it for WP7?

The Zune PC Software/Client is the primary Sync tool, Media Library management and backup/restore mechanism for the WP7 OS (or Zune PMP) and your PC. With it, you can manage your Video, Music, Podcast and Picture libraries – organising PC playback or syncing to your device for mobile playback.

WP7 (and ZuneHD’s) do not function as a Mass Storage Device and the only official way to sync content to them is to use the Zune PC Software. WP7 also allows for Cloud Storage and uploading of certain content from the phone to Windows Live services (like Skydrive). OneNote items, Videos recorded and Pictures taken can all be uploaded automatically to the cloud. Similarly, the Phone draws on Windows Live services to populate areas such as Contacts. However I am not aware of a true syncing service via the cloud for WP7 by default in the OS at this stage.

From Zune:

“The Zune software is the digital media hub on your PC where you play and manage your music and video collection, shop and download from the online Zune Marketplace, sync your collection to your Zune devices, and interact with others at the Zune Social. You’ll need to install and use the Zune software to do all of these things.”

What is the Zune Pass?

Zune Pass is a Music Subscription service offered by MS for it’s WP7 handsets, Zune PMP’s and Xbox consoles. As opposed to the Apple/iTunes model, Zune Pass (in the US) for ~$15 per month offers unlimited downloads to all music content on the MS Marketplace (think iTunes store/library). In addition to unlimited downloads, 10 songs per month can be kept outright via a credit system for no extra cost – with all other downloaded songs only playable whilst you have an active Zune Pass subscription.

Different regions of the world have differing levels of access to Marketplace content with MS (via Zune Pass or MS Points) due to copyright and contractual matters (see link above in "missing from WP7"). MS are working to bring Zune Pass access to other regions – however at the time of writing, Australia does not have access to Zune Pass Music Subscription (or any Marketplace music purchases) via the
Zune Software.

What is the WP7 Marketplace and how do I get apps/games?

The WP7 marketplace can be accessed via the Zune PC Software or from the WP7 handset itself. Apps and Games (Australia) can be purchased here via Credit Card Billing or Carrier Billing. In other regions, additional content can be downloaded such as Music & TV shows. In Australia other than Apps or Games, only Movies can be purchased or rented in the Marketplace (via MS points).

The marketplace is searchable – and 3rd party apps and websites are available that provide additional search/review capability for Apps or Games. One of the unique features of the WP7 Marketplace is that MS has provided with its DRM for developers to produce Trial Apps, so users can try before they buy. Advice from MS suggests that Free Apps <naturally> usually receive a lot more traffic than paid ones.

As of the start of FEB 2011 – there are approximately 7,500 Apps and Games on the WP7 Marketplace. Of these, in the vivinity of a 1/3 are believed to be Free (or ad supported / limited versions), and per the latest WP7 Radio Podcast – the total purchase value of the apps/games in the store is approaching $17K if you were to buy them all – which would be over $20K in Aus due to the surcharge we pay vs. US Market (yes – even with a parity dollar)

What official podcasts are there for Zune/WP7 ?

hit up: This is a podcast by Matt Akers (MS PM @skipdeez) and Jessica Zahn (PM Zune @jetherealz). All things Zune – good fun and informative podcast – with US focus naturally. Weekly release typically.

also with Matt and Brian Seitz (@brianseitz): This podcast focuses on WP7 – with weekly guests, apps, news etc. Get all the latest news here as well.

What are the main MS contacts for WP7?

Following is a list of ways you can contact MS for Zune/WP7:

Twitter; @Zune , @Zunesupport , @wp7dev , @WinPhoneSupport , @WPDesignTeam , @windowsphone , @WindowsPhoneAU

Email; ,

Where do I go for help/support on WP7?

I’m interested in developing for WP7 – what should I do?

Go here:

How much does it cost and what do I get for a Developer license for WP7?

What Recommended Website Links for WP7 are worth checking?

List of abi users that are also Developers on for WP7 we can support:

(Add your reply to this wiki and I will add you up here)

What other Official or unofficial WP7 sites are there?

Windows Phone:
Windows Phone Blog:
Microsoft Developer Network:
Microsoft News Center:



Business Site:
Small Business:
Customer Perspective:

Windows Phone Getting Started:
Windows Phone Support:
Windows Phone Answers:
Windows Phone Help & How-To:

Windows Phone News Center:
Windows Phone Press Materials:
Windows Phone Industry Partners:
Windows Phone Devices:
Windows Phone Top Stories:
Windows Phone Image Gallery:
Windows Phone Video Gallery:


Windows Phone Developer Blog:
Windows Phone Developer App Hub:
Silverlight for Windows Phone:
Windows Phone 7 Training Course:

<Author(s) and contributors to this WIKI>

Thanks everyone. Enjoy your WP7!

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