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Default A few questions from a new D2 user

I've just taken the plunge on a D2, as a replacement for my Rockboxed Sansa E280 (replacing it due to the sound quality and for the video screen upgrade, mainly - I'm getting the D2 tomorrow, I hope). With that in mind, a few questions...

- Gapless playback. I've read a few forums that talk about the D2 as being non-gapless, so I was wondering if that's still the case with the latest firmware.

- Scrobbler support, from the player directly. I read that this is only possible via a program called "Zenses", and only in MTP mode? Does anyone know if that's the latest status?

- Firmware versions. Any suggestions on the best one to use? (I read that the new firmware fixes some things, and breaks other things). My usage will be MSC mode only, folder mode only, primarily OGG with some non-DRM WMA, MP3 and FLAC, and I do want to use Flash-based video files. I don't care about the Jetshell software, as I'm using Ubuntu as my desktop OS.

Thanks in advance! Brian
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