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Default J3 playlist problem

I have firmware version 2.26 and I'm running Kizune's UI Lynx 1.2.0 and I have a 32gb card in external drive. Both of my drives contain ~30 gb music. I leave my J3 in MTP mode.

I am using WinAMP to make playlists on my J3.

From what I understood from reading many forum threads regarding the issues with Cowon J3 playlists; playlists stored on internal drive can only play songs stored on internal drive & playlists stored on external drive can only play songs stored on external drive.

I rearranged my music (in separate genre folders) between the 2 drives.

I can make a playlist (pla) on WinAMP on the internal drive (using songs located on internal drive) and they work fine.

I made simelar playlists on WinAMP on the external drive (using songs located on external drive) and they show up on the WinAMP sidebar as being stored in the external drive (and in the playlist folder of the external drive when looking at the J3 in Windows), but they don't show up in the J3 screen when the player is unplugged from computer and it reboots. The playlists show up in the WinAMP sidebar again when I reconnect the J3 to my computer???

What am I missing here?

Can the J3 ONLY play playlists from the internal drive (not the external card)?

Thanks in advance for any help you can give this novice!
I've been banging my head against the wall on this issue for a while now.
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