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Originally Posted by pevsfreedom View Post
What kind of functionality will I be looking at? Will the songs show up on the cars info panel? Can I control it via voice? Thanks.
This depends heavily on the bluetooth profiles supported by your car.

In my case (mazda 3), big disappointment: the music went through but it was transmitted from the j3 to the car using the "voice codec" that bluetooth uses for hands-off phone conversations. For music it is really poor, as the high-quality mp3s are transcoded into the bluetooth codec and then transmitted to the car. No song names or any metadata reaches the car.

I understand that some bluetooth profiles support transparent mp3 file transfer and the mp3 is decoded in the receiving end, i.e. no transcoding.

In general I found that my j3 became unstable when paired with the car, the battery drained much faster, and this together with really poor audio quality equals "not worth it". Back to using the auxiliary port.
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