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Default I've never had a 'good' phone...

Always bought the cheapest ones in the store :P My first was one of the very first color Nokia when I arrived in the UK, a 3510i. It actually still works but my pay as you go entitled me to some credit for upgrades so I got me a 5070. Again, the cheapest in the store. Great phone though, looks brilliant.
Then I made a big mistake, or rather, two. I used credit to upgrade to a 2630. The keyboard pissed me off. It was also a bit too thin for me.

Then I actually coughed up some money to buy a phone that was NOT the cheapest in the O2 store, a Nokia 7100. DOH. What a POS. It was unfortunately just as I was getting acquainted to this website and high tech MP3 players and as such my technological acuteness had great improved. The 7100 is not a bad phone, rather a completely average phone. Better than the 2630 mind you. And I got 15 on the 2630 it replaced, which is half its price, so it wasn't so bad. But still. I should just have not done it as I found out later that...

It's very hard to get your phone unlocked in Amsterdam, where I just moved back. So my plan to get a new phone cheaper in the UK to be able to unlock and use here just completely back fired. Brilliant.

So I got me, again, you guessed it, the cheapest phone in the store on pay as you go, a Nokia 1680. I don't know if it's bad or not since I actually don't use it.

So, were I to be totally stupid and look for a fun, reliable, long lasting phone under 150 euros, without subscription and easily unlocked, where should I look..? I tried a 5800 once which was good but it's a bit above my budget, so are the N95 and 96. Mostly I want it to LAST. And be a fun gadget

God I'm bored in this country...

Oh and I am DEFINITELY looking to get second hand if possible...

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