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I'm a windows developer by trade, so I'm probably biased to a degree. However, as far as mobile Windows devices go, I think this device is a major milestone for various reasons.

From a manufacturing perspective, the M8 is easily up there with top-tier phones from the likes of HTC and phones like Samsung Omnia. I can't comment on long-term reliability, but the phone feels solid, the internal components are high-end. This is not just a cheap Chinese knock-off.

Secondly, the User Interface from Meizu is miles ahead of what Microsoft has right now, and in my opinion also ahead of the thin veneers that the likes of HTC put on their phones. The Meizu interfaces beats Windows Mobile, including 6.5, hands-down. I hope Microsoft keeps a close eye on this phone, I would almost wish they'd throw away Windows Mobile 7 and go the Meizu route.

In terms of comparison with iphone, many of the UI mechanisms are similar to what Apple provides, though it already has features like copy/paste (a multiple-history clipboard even) Also, out of the box, my M8 today has played rmvb, avi (divx) and mp4 video, and I've listened to wma, mp3 and FLAC audio. I've also browsed the web over wifi (the phone also supports EDGE, though not full 3g), and installed a bunch of free apps and games from fansites.

I'll readily admit that this phone isn't for everyone - as a developer I'm not scared of the odd error message (even if they are in Chinese), but it's not for everyone. Many of the features look like they're 90% complete, with plenty of rough edges.

Even so, to see a company like Meizu create something from scratch that can rival the best that Microsoft and Apple can offer is something that blows me away (even if they took 2 years to do so). I like that it offers choice, and choice will always encourage competition and improved products for us consumers.
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