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Originally Posted by Kirby1356 View Post
Hey guys on the subject of OS, OSX is a Linux kernal, and almost all internet severs use some distro of Linux and hackers mainly use Linux. So hackers know many "back doors" to Linux. Saying the OSX is bullet proof would be untrue. There is an artical on toms hardware that is titled "How to Write a Linux Virus in 5 Easy Steps."

Just to correct you, OSX is actually mostly built from the ground up or based on a derivative of FreeBSD. It is a UNIX based architecture, that means it is a sister Operating System to linux. It however, is not in any way derived from linux. Actually the Mac OS has more in common with FreeBSD than linux anyway.

See this tree for a more complete picture:

That aside, it's not hard to write malicious code for the linux or the OSX kernel. It's no harder than writing for any Windows 5 or 6 kernel. It's just that when you're writing malicious code, you want it to get spread around, and it's a lot easier when 98% of the computing populace uses Windows and not something UNIX. Not only that, but people who take the time to run linux are often times more computer savvy than your average user, and will likely know to not click on that attachment titled 'free pr0n'.
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