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Default Help choosing an audio codec for an RB e270

Just purchased an e270 and installed RB before even loading any music on it. I'm a tech dork and poor audiophile so that makes me a late adopter. That said...this is my first "MP3" player (if you don't count the 512MB they were gradious enough to give me in my XM Inno). I have somewhere in the neighborhood of 900-1100 CD's and a ton of MP3's on my laptop and external drive. I also have a few dozen live sets in FLAC that I've pulled off the Live Music Archive.'s my question...

Due to the fact I'm new at this and familiar with codecs but don't have a ton of first-hand your opinions what is the best and safest (relatively future-proof) codec to use to begin transferring a good chunk of my music into for use on my RB e270? I hate bad audio so the majority of my MP3's are at least 192kbps but the majority are 320kbps. I'm leaning towards a lossless codec but I'd appreciate more info on the pros and cons.

Any help, ideas or simply a link to a guide would be greatly appreciated!
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