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Exclamation Notice for those with problems booting the OF

For those who are having problems booting the original firmware, the Rockbox devs already know about it - it's a major issue with threads both here on ABi and on the Rockbox forums. I can't confirm this exactly, but it seems that since MicroSDHC was supported in Rockbox, the bootloader fails. To get Rockbox and the OF working again:

Both e200 and e200R users:
Turn your player off, if needed (if needed, hold power for 15 seconds to force off)
Turn on the hold switch, so orange is showing.
Press and hold REC.
Turn on the Sansa, continuing to hold REC.
Once it says "Welcome to Recovery Mode" you may release the REC button.
Insert the USB cable.

Download a copy of the latest original firmware (American Firmware #1, American Firmware #2, American Firmware #3, European Firmware #1, European Firmware #2)
If needed, extract the MI4 file from the 7z archive

Download a copy of the Rhapsody firmware from and extract the PP5022.mi4 file to your Desktop.


Both e200 and e200R users:
Save the PP5022.mi4 file onto the 16MB-FORMAT drive that should appear in your computer
Unmount/Safely remove your Sansa
Turn off hold
Disconnect your Sansa
Your Sansa should reboot, and should go into the original firmware.
Connect your Sansa to your computer.
Be sure the .rockbox directory is in your Sansa's drive.


Go to and download v0.2 of sansapatcher.
Run sansapatcher as normal, and Rockbox should install properly.

Copy the PP5022.mi4 file from your Desktop to the SYSTEM directory on your Sansa. If the SYSTEM directory doesn't appear, either have your operating system show hidden files and folders, or manually edit the address to include the SYSTEM directory.
Rename the PP5022.mi4 file that's in your SYSTEM directory to OF.mi4.
Download a copy of the working* e200R bootloader.
* - This is the copy I use, so it should be working.
Save the workingrockbox.mi4 file to the root directory of your Sansa, and rename iit to PP5022.mi4.


Both e200 and e200R users:
Unmount/Safely remove your Sansa
Disconnect your Sansa.
If you have an e200, it should go to Rockbox, and you should be able to turn it off, and hold <<| to go to the OF.
If you have an e200R, it should reboot into the original firmware, upgrade the firmware, and then reboot into Rockbox. You should then be able to turn it off, and hold <<| to boot to the OF.

Let me know if you have any problems.

EDIT: Thanks for sticky-ing it Charles

EDIT2: I don't know what everyone seems to be doing, but I can't replicate this problem on my Sansa.

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