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Default Zen Vision W - a couple of weird issues

Hi, this is my first post here and I've just changed from a Zen 60Gb player that I bought in early 2004 (silver one, which was great until the headphone socket kept playing up and a couple of repairs couldn't solve the problem permanently), but I have a couple of issues with the Zen Vision W that are bugging me and I haven't found a workaround so far.

1. Most of the time I'll listen to a random one of a number of songs, but when I switch the player off, I want it to stay on the same song when I switch it back on (not a problem after a couple of hours and all I get is the Zen Vision W screen, but after a day at work I'll get the full set of screens that appear when switching on and it's moved on to the start of a different song as it's still on shuffle - this didn't happen with the other machine, it just stayed on the same song it was on)

2. Often I'll listen to radio shows, which are generally 30-minute mp3 files. I'll listen to about half of it, bookmark it as I've done with the previous player just in case I press another button accidentally, and then come back to it later. However, when I switch it back on, it's no longer in the same position but back at the start of the mp3 file.

I can go to the bookmarks section (not at all as intuitive as accessing this with the previous player, where options shown while in Now Playing included both setting bookmarks as well as retrieving them - but here only gives an option to set a bookmark), but when I then select the bookmark it places this file only in the Selected Music, rather than all the others that were there before, so I have to add them again, which all seems rather unnecessary.

There must be something I'm missing with both these problems as while the Zen Vision W is a fantastic machine, these parts of the software seem a bit of a backward step. And whereas I saw it described somewhere as a bit 'chubby', I find it a bit on the then side (I'm not a fan of wafer-thin MP3 players) but then I'm a big of a Billy Big-Hands

Thanks in advance for any help.
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