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Old 01-03-2013, 07:42 AM
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Default Time to retire my Gmini500, don't want touchscreen only!

Hello. Be gentle with me, please. Parting with my long-loved current Archos Gmini500 player is hard and I've found myself somewhat lost adrift in reviews and advice, I'm really not at ease with adapting to new things.

I've owned an Archos Gmini500 for years, very happy with it but it's on its last legs and it's time for a replacement. No idea where to start, as the reviews I've read on potentially interesting products (Cowan Z2 for example) generally do not touch on the issues I really want to know before shelling out.

I primarily play MP3 files and view JPGs. Video (wmv/mp4) would be good, but not essential. Anything else would be an optional and probably unused extra. Decent capacity is a must, 32 GB min, preferably not reliant on an external card. It's mostly used whilst sleepy in bed so being able to click a button (as opposed to fishing it out, wondering where the pointer got to, peering at it and trying to prod the right place on a touchscreen) is good. Cost is not a consideration, doing what I need it to is what counts.

I recently bought an EvoDigitals 32GB player but found it just did not suit at all. It missed the functions I really needed and simply didn't work very well, the touchscreen was either too fast or too slow and the music files frequently just jumped to another song, without even touching the device. It didn't even have the basic option of a Stop command whilst playing music files. I couldn't access most of my songs as it meant individually tapping the touchscreen a few 1000 times to navigate down the list, there was no scrollbar drag or incrimental jump-through reading the song menu. I'm not in the market for RSI or needing 5 mins to navigate menus to find one song.

I appreciate a lot of people will perhaps think I'm weird, but I *hate* touchscreens, they don't suit me or my needs at all. I accept that's the way things are going now, but I haven't given up hope there is a decent player out there for me that still has useful buttons, primarily or as a supporting option to touchscreen. I'd buy another Gmini but I can't find any in good condition for sale so I'm looking for something with similar functions to that. I'd like the JPG files I have associated with my MP3s displayed on the screen while the song plays. I'd like to be able to move speedily through the song lists, not to have to tap 2000 times individually on a touchscreen, as I did with the EvoDigitals. Buttons for (at minimum)Stop/Play/FF/RW. Must have a Shuffle play function. Of course sound quality matters and I do like high volume but I'm not an audiophile and don't use sound modes (like setting to Jazz, Classical mode etc).
I would like a straightforward file loading option, plug into my PC (USB cable, no wi-fi/bluetooth) and transfer files across via copy/paste or drag/drop. Windows-style Explorer folder viewing would be nice. My MP3s are all in one folder but the JPGs and videos are separated into various folders, would like it to stay that way.

I'm located in the UK and I'm really hoping folks here will be able to direct me to suitable models or a stash of antique Gminis hiding in someone's attic!
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