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Default Using SDHC cards - the answer is 32 GB

Using SDHC cards - the answer is 32 GB (in one card). I use a 16 GB without issue in my 8 GB Zen (same as yours). A tip: Get the highest class rating you can for the memory card you will buy. This is a speed rating. Mine is glass 6. Here is information on SD and SDHC cards from Wikipedia if you're interested:

In fact I hate the onboard music management of the Zen so I primarily use my 16 GB card. It renders a lot of the 'features' of the Zen useless (like continuing playback once powered off) but I don't care, I am old school and like my music organized by folder.

Speaking of folders, you can only play back music ONE FOLDER DEEP off the SDHC card. It will not work if you have a folder for genre, say, a band name ie. Collective Soul and then have sub folders beneath it for their individual albums. It will error and return you to the home navigation screen. If you keep folders one level deep you will not have issue.
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