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Default [S9, J3, X7] Sense v1.1.8 (2011/06/22)

Latest Version:
v1.1.8; released on 2011/06/22


Version History

- Initial release

- Improved Text Scroller
---> Settings > General > Text Scroller: Bounce, Delayed Bounce, One Direction
- Improved Track Preview
- Hopefully fixed the wallpaper problem
- Horizontal Mode: Display Mode (normal view, showcase) is now saved

- Added PlugIn: Album Art ProgressMeter (suggested by clappboard)
---> The current album art scrolls to the left and reveals more and more of the next album art according to the current progress
- Changed option: Settings > Horizontal Mode > Album Art BG: Show always, Show in Showcase only, Show Wallpaper instead
- Position of Album Art in Showcase Part 2 is saved now
- Bugfixes

- Hopefully it's now compatible with the X7
---> X7 users see instead of the g-sensor button a tilt button that changes the orientation
- In Horizontal mode, you can now tap the album art to play/pause (doesn't work if Settings > Gestures > Play/Pause Gesture is disabled)
- Bugfixes

- UCI is now X7-compatible

- Fixed bug that renaming a playlist sometimes cleared it

- Added Localization Support
- Horizontal Mode: The way you use the menubar works the same way as in Vertical Mode now.
- Added support for a custom wallpaper in Horizontal Mode (/Sense/wallpaper_h.jpg).
- Track Preview: Tapping the currently playing track results in play/pause.
- Bugfixes

- Track Preview: Fixed that tapping the currently playing track to play/pause didn't always work.
- Bugfixes

- Added PlugIn: 'Lynx Event Manager Notification Extension'.
---> Notifications from Lynx' Event Manager are displayed in Sense
- Changed PlugIn Structure.
---> Update all of your Plugins.
- The Version Number of Sense is shown in the Settings (second Page).
- Bugfixes

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