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It might be an input sensitivity thing.

Personal example: I have an MZ-RH1 Hi-MD player. In line-out mode, this device outputs a regulated 194mV.

I have a vintage Luxman L-3 integrated amplifier with its AUX input sensitivity at 145mV. I have to increase the volume on the amplifier to around 50% if I want an enjoyable volume. In comparison, my desktop source device, a Luxman D-90, would only require the amplifier to be at around 10% volume for about the same sound level (using the same AUX input). And when playing CD's, the system gets really loud beyond 20% volume. The CD player gets warmer than the amplifier, which is rather curious since the amplifier is rated Class A (in 1978 terms).

If your stereo amplifier has a Phono input, you might want to give it a try since Phono levels are usually really low and require gobs of amplification. Start with your volume knob at zero and slowly turn it up. However many receivers have different phono input modes (moving magnet vs. moving coil) and most have only one. So that may mess with your sound in all kinds of unpredictable ways.

Also this is from a month ago. Good luck.
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