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Lightbulb Mac users and video playback

When I bought my e250 I neglected to notice that you needed XP to run the conversion software. The music transfer (draganddrop) is handy on my mac, but I couldnt get the video playback to work. Dragging and dropping my avi files didnt work and niether did converting them into mov files.

So after a long time of fuzting and tinkering around with different file formats I finally found the right one that allows me to drag and drop my video files and they show up in the playlist, and play just fine. So, for anyone who's interested, heres how I did it:


First you need quicktime pro to do this. I'm sure theres other software out there that does the same file exporting but quicktime pro is just what I used.

Next you open the video file you want to transfer in quicktime.

Depending on the shape of the video you may opt to rotate the video canvas 90 by going to 'Get Movie Properties', selecting 'Video' and going to 'Size'. there you can click the rotate buttons to suite your desires.

Next, go to the 'File' menu and choose 'export'. Then choose to locate the exported file on the Sandisk removable in the folder called 'Videos'.

Then, the next menu down choose to convert the video into a 'Quicktime Movie' format. Then choose 'Options', the button next to the menu you just chose from.

Next, go to video setting and do the following:
Choose the format (top menu) of 'MJPEG A'
Change the fps (frames per second) to 15
At the bottom choose the 'options' button and make sure that the field is set to 'one' (VERY IMPORTANT)

Then click 'OK' and you will be returned to the second screen (the one with the menu at the top that you chose 'MJPEG A' from.

Go to the button on the left hand side of the screen that says 'Size' and when the window pops up set the size to 120x206 px. Select 'OK' and return the the second screen.

Make sure the sound button is checked and don't mess with any sound options, leave it alone.

Then, click 'OK' and you will returned to the first screen that displays the location of the export and the menu that you selected 'Quicktime Movie' from.

Now, things should be in order, so select the 'Export' button and it will begin to export the file to your e200 series.


Hope that helped, if not, or if there is still a problem feel free to contact me at my email --

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