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Help Does this Exist?

-----Howdy to all who shall read my first post in this promising forum!
Here we are, anything but Ipods. Anything but Ipods, still yet to be fully modular for the anti-consuming consumer. This is the product I(/others out there?) wish existed:

Condensed Version:
Location: Northeast USA
Capacity: 32-64gb expandable
Budget: max at $30 usd
Use: 1-2 week hiking/general use
Type/Design: What is DMP vs PMP???
Features: Folders, album, genre, band playing. FM(/AM if possible), Speaker
Display: Enough to see where I am in my list of songs.
UI/Controls: Fast forward/back/next.
Battery life: HUGE (60-90h+)

I am looking at these for normal usage, extended (~1-2 week long) hiking/outdoor trips, and general playing through the speaker for two, or a group of people on short hikes. I liked these because they had FM, large expandable memory, and due to how long they lasted for their size. (Weight, and space are *PREMIUMS* while hiking with your home on your back.)

I am currently debating between this:

And this product which seems good, but I can not find anywhere else:

It was either one of these, or a cheaper PMP with a solar charger/battery pack.
I attempted as much research as I could understand before asking.
I could not understand if I could use, and what I would use rockbox for. (I am not software/coding competent)
One last thing I considered is hacking a cheap player (that might have better options) to take a larger battery, and other hardware I could possibly imagine to add (various radios/ DAC chip swaps, etc. I am game to attempt to make a corporate product 'open source'.) This would be my first PMP, so have yet much to learn of these devices, and their workings, I might be totally wrong on any or all of my assumptions.

Any thoughts? -Thanks for any help!
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help choosing a player, modify, modular

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