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Old 01-13-2010, 02:08 AM
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Default Need help recovering a bricked Sansa from "Tango Mode"

I've got a fair share of technical expertise, but I simply don't have any experience with materializing tools and experience from thin air regarding a specialized piece of hardware. So I'm really hoping the Sansa community can help me out with my current predicament.

Long story short, I got sick of the unending bugs in my Sansa View 8gb, which were all software related, and the Sansa pretty much offered no way to fully (and I mean FULLY) reformat itself to the factory imaged firmware. So I did what I thought would be sensible. I fully backed up the View in MSC mode using a hex editor - created a full flat image of the entire storage device, then proceeded to use that same tool to wipe the entire physical media with zeros. I've now got a 8,220,311,552-byte file sitting on my desktop.

It proceeded to brick itself. Okay, that was to be expected. What was not, however, to be expected, was that I was then unable to do ANYTHING AT ALL with it. No "Sansa" logo, no recovery mode. Just "Tango Media Platform". No matter what I held as I plugged it in, Tango Media Platform, blue ring, that's it. Dead.

So I currently have no interface with which to restore my backup, or reflash the original firmware! I don't think I'm much better off right now. In fact, I think I may say I pretty much screwed up bad.

Someone out there on the internets, PLEASE tell me you've got something, some tool, some driver, Linux, Windows, Mac or otherwise, that can get this thing back to life. Anyone?
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