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Default UMS/MSC Mode Available on View

I know most of you might not care, but I know a few people here will be happy to know that there IS a hidden UMS/MSC mode on the View!!! Those tipsters here that said you can launch this transfer mode the same way you would on a Sansa Clip are right. They just didn't explain it properly. These are the steps you will need to follow:

1. Plug your transfer cable into a USB port on your PC.
2. Fully shut down the View (hold up power/hold switch for 5-10 Seconds)
3. Turn the View back on
4. After the View has fully booted up, place it in hold mode
5. Press down the left side of the scroll wheel
6. While still holding down the scroll wheel, plug the cable into your View
7. Keep the scroll wheel pressed down until the device is mounted in your selected OS

And ta-da!! Your View is now connected to you PC through UMS/MSC mode. Thanks to those of you that posted about this, and detrino for fully explaining this. I know I am greatful for you guys finding this out.

EDIT (EnzoTen):
Make sure you do not have Sansa Updater install, you may run into problems. My player locked up with a BSOD when i tried to move files.

Edit (advcomp2019):
You can get MSC mode by changing your region.

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