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Cool First impressions on my PA2V2 amp


My eagerly awaited PA2V2 finally arrived today. I thought I should write on my first impressions about it, so here it goes...

What's in the package

The package comes with the amp (duh!), a 3.5 mm male-male audio cable to plug the amp to the sound source (the DAPs) and an AC wall charger. This is everything you'll need to get started.


The amp is very simple, but still good looking. It's basically a small black plastic box with a translucent red plastic plate on the front, a volume knob, input jack (for the source), output jack (for the headphones), on/off switch and a plug for the wall charger. There's a red led under the plate that indicates when the amp is on. Everything is well assembled and seems to be made to last. Nothing feels flimsy or rattles.


It works with AA rechargeables. There are two screws on the top of the player. Remove them and open the box. You'll see slots for two batteries. Put them in, close the box and put the screws back again. The included AC adapter will charge the replaceables when needed. I didn't do a draining test, but according to Gary (the guy who makes the amps), the 2500mAh batts I'm using can last for around 100 hours between recharges.


I plugged my Koss PortaPros to it, and my Meizu M6 on the other side. I've been using the PortaPros with the M6 since the EQ and spatializer effects, when properly adjusted, can compensate for the overly strong bass from those headphones.

Well, I'm very very pleased with the sound of my PortaPros through the amp. The first thing I noticed is that the mids and highs are more detailed, and the vocals are more forward in the mix. This is very good, because before I had to use the PCE setting of the spatializer to bring the vocals to the front, and now I'm listening to the same tunes with the spatializer disabled altogether. I also disabled both bass and treble boosters, and now I can tweak the sound only by adjusting the EQ to my liking. The PortaPros sound more natural through the amp, and the bass is punchy without being overpowered.


I'm a very happy owner so far. Of course there are lots of other amps out there, but this small one was only $60 (shipped), came with everything I needed to get started (AC wall charger for the batts and audio cable to plug it to my DAPs) and makes my PortaPros sound amazingly better and less bass bloated. The guy who makes the amps, Gary, is very nice to deal to and answers the emails very fast. Recommended!
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