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Originally Posted by dfkt View Post
Sorry - I meant ancient NiCD batteries, those needed to be drained completely before recharging. Totally mistook them for the newer NiMH, that's how old they are.
Ah, ok. I'm not up on all the names and types of batteries, but I know I've heard of rechargeable NiMH batteries for things like digital cameras.

Originally Posted by saratoga View Post
Pretty much everything rechargable thats not a AA/AAA/C/D battery these days will be lithium. NiCd were used as rechargeable batteries in devices before lithium batteries became available, and are still sometimes used as AA rechargables. NiCd batteries are really toxic so they're typically clearly labeled.
Ok, thanks for the clarification. I'll be charging this little amp (and Fuze) before they lose all of their charge. That's how I like to do it anyway, and it's good to know that it isn't damaging to the battery.

As a side note, I did buy a electric razor not long ago (been using a straight one and plug in one forever) and it said to let the charge drain completely on the shaver (run it until it doesn't run anymore) and then charge the battery for 24 hours staight, even though it takes 6? or so hours to charge. This was to be done 5 times at least to "set" the batteries so they would last longer or something. So I guess I got to wondering just what I was doing with my portable devices that perhaps had similar batteries...if they were supposed to be completely drained and then charged all the time and such (it is obviously too late to try to "set" them...although I'm getting a Cowon D2 that, if needed, I could do that with).
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